John McDermott grew up in New York City, graduating from Brooklyn

College in 1955. He left graduate school (Columbia, Philosophy) to

participate in the emerging movements of the 1960's as an activist and

journalist, including a stint as a war correspondent in Vietnam. Returning

to academia in the 1970's as a SUNY Professor of the Social Sciences he

served as Chair of Labor studies and, later, of his faculty. Retiring early,

he moved to New England and now lives in the Boston area.

His books include, Corporate Society: Class, Property And

Contemporary Capitalism (Westview, 1991), Economics in Real Time: A

Theoretical Reconstruction (University of Michigan, 2004), and Restoring Democracy To America; How To Free Markets And Politics From The Corporate Culture Of Business And Government (Penn State Press, 2010). He has published articles in The New York Review of Books, The Nation and other journals.

A Life of Thought in a Life of Politics